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Plant analyze

When people are looking out for your best interests

There’s never a seed of doubt

Your success is what ultimately leads to our success. That’s why we strive to be your partner in business, not just your testing lab. Many of our people worked for seed companies themselves, so they understand your objectives and how to take your products to the front of the pack. Through tests that include marker-assisted selection, QTL mapping and trait ID, we analyze data points and consult with you to turn the data into useful information. And with exclusive integrated test packages like First-to-Market®, your success is easier than ever to achieve.

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Quality Testing

When you need technology to work smarter and faster

There’s never a seed of doubt

With cutting-edge seed testing technology like the Douglas Scientific Array Tape Platform and the Illumina iScan Array Scanner, BioDiagnostics has what you need to succeed. We provide the ability to analyze millions of data points accurately and efficiently. And our accomplished seed technologists provide the context to help you understand what the results mean, no matter what kind of seed you test.

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Molecular-Breeding Technique

When you value accuracy above all else

There’s never a seed of doubt

Product integrity is the most important thing you can offer in today’s ultra-competitive seed industry. That’s why our processes for delivering accurate data are unsurpassed, whether you need to know about genetic and trait purity, germination, vigor, seed treatment loading rates or adventitious presence. With proprietary services like the Super Cold Test® and testing packages like Pure-Production®, BioDiagnostics delivers confidence efficiently and competitively for unmatched value.

Put your seed testing concerns to rest. Contact us today.

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Discover the BioDiagnostics advantage:

Our experienced and dedicated staff

BioDiagnostics has 120 cumulative years of seed industry experience from its 32 full-time and 85 part-time employees. Detailed experiences in quality assurance, seed production, plant breeding, product development, and agronomic sales for some of the largest companies in the seed industry give our staff a base of knowledge second to none in commercial seed testing. Including six registered seed technologists, nine registered genetic technologists and five certified genetic technologists, our team makes up the greatest collection of seed-testing professionals in the industry.